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Troubled Games

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Cards of Freedom

106 card deck in plastic sleeve
1.75” x 2.5” x 3.5”


Each card lists formations of liberty – freedom: of speech, from embarrassment, to profit, for gender, etc. The game's rules are intentionally vague, allowing for players to decide collectively how to engage the cards. Often the participatory action results in players conceptualizing hierarchies while playfully approaching critical dialogue on value.

Pool Table

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Girl Scout Cookies

31 raku fired ceramic Girlscout cookies, table, plastic table cloth, cash box 2021

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Ms. Monopoly

Pulverized pole dancing shoes, resin, glitter, acrylic paint, Monopoly board game components, photographs, dice
20” x 20”


This replica of a Ms. Monopoly board game is made from high-heeled shoes made and worn for pole dancing. The owners of these particular shoes are not strippers, rather they use pole dancing as a way to take ownership of their bodies, for building community, to heal through empowerment, as a fitness routine and much more. The shoe owners initials and professions are listed below:

C.C. – Chemistry Teacher and Baker
P. N. – Flight Attendant
A.L. – Software Engineer
J.Y. – University Recruiter
N.Q. – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
I.L. – Software Engineer
N.B. – Small Business Owner

The work examines fourth-wave feminism, bodily autonomy and capitalism. Ms. Monopoly is a spin-off board game from the original that is marketed to empowered women. "You know you've made it when they try to sell it back to you."

There’s No Striking It

Slide deck poem
38 slides, each slide: 5.5 x 8 inches


I made this during the COVID-19 lockdown when virtual work became dominant in culture, class consciousness rose, and the hypocrisy of the American dream was commonly expressed. The slides contain documentation of clay bowling pins disintegrating or being sliced, a paper-mache bowling ball on an unbalanced seesaw, and a poem.